Actual Customer Testimonials

The Church on Strayer - 1/05/09
Jeff's Surface Master did a fantastic job from start to finish in the cleaning of the carpet in our children's department! They moved everything and put everything back in order when the job was completed. We would highly recommend this company!

Ruth Nappi - 12/3/09
Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the carpet cleaning you did in my home. The carpets have never looked so clean and I absolutely would recommend you, not just for the excellent cleaning job you did, but for your professionalism, promptness, and desire to please your customers. Thank you, Jeff. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Jim Olsen - 9/6/10
I found Jeff's Surface Master online and called after I had compared them with Stanley Steemer and found that Jeff's Surface Master had more advanced equipment and a real service attitude. They came two days latter and blew me away with their results and their work ethic. Plus, Jeff is a really nice guy and you can tell right away the pride he has in his work. You could immediately see the results while they were cleaning! I would highly recommend Jeff's Surface Master to both residential and commercial customers. I am going to recommend them to my condo management company as a preferred vendor.

Doug White - 12/22/10
So it's the week before Christmas and I decided to not only mop the kitchen floor but to also clean the grout between the tiles. It was a good idea but, sheesh what a tough job. I spent 2 days approx. 10 hours scrubbing the grout lines with little to show for it; it was just this side of a nightmare. with our family coming to Christmas dinner and our kitchen floor a mess, I contacted Jeff's Surface Master. Jeff was very friendly and accommodating. He was able to schedule cleaning our floor before Christmas and he did a superb job! He even had to go over several spots a second time to get them clean. Jeff was truly as interested as I was to see the job done well and to satisfaction, I am unable to express my gratitude and profound thanks other than to say I have no hesitation or reservation in giving Jeff's Surface Master my strongest recommendation for any and all floor care.

Kate M. - 5/18/10
The process Jeff's Surface Master used on our front walk and the patio around our pool added tons of curb appeal when we were trying to sell our home. Who new old concrete could look so clean and white!

Vickie Larrick - 3/17/09
I wanted to thank you for the exceptional job you did cleaning our couch and living room carpet. I never believed they could look so good!! The fact that you were able to remove the RED NAIL POLISH from the carpet!! Well, that was quite a bonus! We could not have been happier with your service, professionalism, and pricing. Many thanks for revitalizing our home! Your company will be highly recommended!

Jamie & Chris Aldridge - 04/30/09
We called Jeff's Surface Master for our upstairs apartment when our recent tenants moved out. The tenant had two children, the carpet and grout in the tile floor was a mess. The stains were so bad in the carpet, I really thought we would have to replace it. We contacted Jeff to clean the tile and asked him to experiment with a small section of carpet to see if he could get it clean. We told him we wouldn't be disappointed if he couldn't get it clean, we were prepared to replace the carpet. Low and behold to our amazement, the carpet looked like new again. Once we received the bill, we were again surprised at the low cost for his services. We saved money not having to replace that carpet-thanks again!

Applebees Manager Beau J. Leamon Maumee, OH - 10/15/09
I have been using Jeff's Surface Master for almost a year now and I have to say the quality of work done, and the professionalism of Jeff and his company are unparalled. During my years in the restaurant business one of the biggest challenges I have faced is being able to keep the dining room and bathroom tile and grout clean. When I met Jeff and listened to the passion he had for his business and the belief he had in his service I new I had a way to finally beat this long time battle. Jeff talks the talk and he walks the walk. My dining room tile and grout look better than they have in years. As for the tile and grout in the restrooms, not only is the appearance better but this cleaning service has helped tremendously with the ongoing odor problem found in most public restrooms. Jeff, thank you for finding me and making me a believer in your service.

Amanda Voltz - 06/08/11
This is the biggest miracle I have seen in a while. On Easter morning I'm rushing to make it to Easter service and I dump half a bottle of hot pink instant dry nail polish on my tan shag carpet. I was panicked but it was already dry and we were late so I left it. When we got home my husband searched every "home remedy" to get nail polish out of carpet. We tried to them all shaving cream, acetone, wax paper and an iron, goo gone and more. I worked for hours and only ended it up with a burnt spot from the iron and some pink smears. I had decided to give up and move the bed over top of the spot. But then about 6 weeks later I heard the advertisement for Jeff's Surface Master on the radio and I figured what could it hurt I'll give it a try. Jeff came and in less than 15 minutes the stain and burn mark were completely gone. There was not even a trace of pink! I wish I would have called him first. I could have saved a lot of time and money. Save yourself a headache if you have a problem call Jeff's Surface Master 1st! You wont's believe the difference he can make.

Jodi Pruitt - 05/13/11
Jeff was at a neighbors cleaning their carpets so I asked him to stop by to give me an estimate when he was done. He was very plesent to deal with and talk to. He gave me an estimate and we scheduled a time on the spot. As we are selling our house, we got a call from our agent asking us if we can host an open house on the 15th of May. The call came 1 hour after I had scheduled my appointment. I immediately called Jeff to inquire about his schedule for Friday the 13th and he said he could fit me in, much to my suprise! I had heavy stains in my carpets that I wanted removed and my husband heard that Jeff's Surface Master was good with stains. Jeff showed up right on time, presprayed all the bad spots and let them sit while he prepared his equipment. He also used this awesome machine on my carpets that not only pulled out the dirt, but lifted the carpet fibers as well. The traffic areas were not "smashed" down anymore. He moved all the furniture we wanted moved without a grumble and a spring in his step! The bottom line... my carpets look awesome, and Jeff was just as awesome to work with and I would definitely have him come back again... Thanks Jeff

Kathy Hawkinson - 11/09/11
EXCELLENT!! Brick cleaning on the inside of our home was wonderful, no excess water on the floor. He performed every service impeccably! Removed stains from my carpet that had been there for 2 years. A chain carpet cleaning company had said they were oxidized and would never come out. After Jeff enzymed my carpets, no more dog smell. He even offered to come back another time with a new product to take out the last pet stain he had some trouble with. He was very flexible with his time. We had scheduled for 9:00 am and call that day to see if he could come earlier. He promptly showed up an hour early and began working. It began raining so he placed a large rug down to keep from tracking anything in. He also protect all my door frames and corners so they would not be damaged by his hoses. He was extremely neat, and his prices for what he did were great.